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 Growth Consulting

Our Process… 


Synaptiview™: Our proprietary analysis software platform

In order to effectively eliminate problems that prevent profitability, you must first know how to uncover them.  Our proprietary diagnostic software was created by industry expert analysts with privately held businesses in mind. 

Diagrams and graphs on virtual screen. Business strategy, data analysis technology and financial growth concept.

Benchmarking: Compare your business to industry peers

Many businesses today measure their success simply by revenue and profit.  In order to truly create a sustainable model, you must dig deeper into the “inputs” that result in the “outputs”.  Part of our analysis process creates benchmarks in the key areas that drive financial health for your business.

Business associates shaking hands in office

Partnership Program: We don’t just show you what’s wrong, we fix it.

We don’t just help you “identify” and “quantify” the impact of your business challenges.  We have a team of experts to help you actually “rectify” those problems should you need help.  Our business advisors/consultants are former owners and executives with decades of experience in the key areas of Strategy & Planning, Sales & Marketing, People & Organization, Operations Management and overall Financial Health.  We are in it for the long haul, each step of the way.


Interested in working with us? Our team is excited to help you identify, quantify and rectify your business challenges…

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