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What Others Are Saying

“Our Partnership with Braintrust allowed our organization to completely reposition our strategy, sales department and marketing message.  It opened our minds to completely new markets and ways to sell our products. Without their help, I am not sure where we’d be.” 

-John P., President 

“It’s my pleasure to recommend the business consulting services of Braintrust.  They worked with us for over 3 months to improve our business operations, processes, procedures and communication.  With their help, we made tremendous progress.  We continue to see improvements in our environment and performance.  We are very pleased with the results.” 

-Brian W., Owner

“When we first engaged Braintrust to help with our business, we didn’t really know what to expect.  We knew we needed help with hiring and retaining employees, employee performance management and managing our financial situation better.  They developed a detailed plan that not only addressed these issues, but many other problems we didn’t even realize we had.  They equipped us with the tools to hire quality employees, to teach them how to do their jobs and tools to hold them accountable for their job performance. In addition, they equipped us with tools to better measure our financials and forecast into the future.  We were thoroughly satisfied with our results and I’m sure we will bring them back for more follow up in the near future!”  

-Michael H., Owner 

“I can’t begin to tell you all the changes that happened at every level of our company, as a result of our engagement with Braintrust  They changed the entire way we do business.  From financial planning to budgeting, weekly reports, incentive compensation…and most importantly, how we treat our team. They really opened our eyes around our opportunities for growth and I can’t recommend them enough.”  

-Margie W., President 

“The Braintrust team was professional, courteous, accommodating, insightful and an overall wonderful asset to my company.  They gave us the tools and . information necessary to make this a viable company for the future and to move forward with confidence.  I would highly recommend them to any business looking to get ahead of the curve.” 

-John G., President 

“The Braintrust team quickly gained a precise and clear understanding of our needs and current operations.  They delivered quality work and provided our team with professional independent analysis of our operations.  They reviewed our financial systems, estimating practices, operations, IT and provided valuable direction on all current systems in place.  They assisted all departments of our company, including administrative, estimating, business development and upper management. I have personally enjoyed our partnership and would strongly recommend them to other companies within our marketplace.” 

-Tim D., President 

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