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Private Equity Backed Companies

Revenue of $50M–$500M

You’ve had tremedous success.

Your leadership and experience have gotten you to a great place. However, the future demands more.


So, how do you go from incremental, effective growth to exponential, rocketship-style growth in just a few years? Even better, how do you do it immediately?


Simple: By recognizing that what got you here, won’t get you there. You need a new approach. A ground-up transition. And it needs the power of neuroscience to be effective.

Do you have the right strategy?

By first identifying and agreeing that your business model, human capital, culture and vision is aligned with the needs of your buyers, you can build from a strong foundation.

Are you telling the right story to the right buyer?

By leveraging the science of trust and influence, we can help your organization establish a brand strategy and customer focus that establishes value and differentiation in the minds of your buyers.

Is your team equipped to achieve exponential growth?

Focusing on the neuroscience of decision making at the sales level, we will help build creative and activation strategies that enable your sales and marketing teams to communicate with one another, while engaging your buyers in measurable and scalable ways to achieve exponential growth.


The pressure for exponential growth is tremendous, but you don’t have to face it alone. Let our team help you take the guesswork out of your marketing and sales by reigniting your strategy, story and solutions with the science of decision-making.

Is your organization experiencing these issues? Learn about our private equity solutions.

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